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Second pencil sketch

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Which is your happiest phase of your life?

Well a very common question isn’t it?? And the answer is heard invariably…but when someone says the answer as “Being with Friends!!” or “Anything which includes a friend”, I just pause go back to my own sailing ship which has no ends to it…Yes, friends have been the bestest to me throughout my life so far.

I had a very strong thought in ma mind that “Books” can be the ONLY best buddy throughout (cos for lot of reasons may be..)but…i was proved wrong most of the times. And now when i look back to see what i am and what i have learnt throughout so far..YES! It is friends who teach or shape most of our lives, they teach us how to be independent, how to get our things done, how to face difficulties and still many more..

I have enjoyed the bestest with them so far and I hope that with this blog I can pen down my flowing thoughts and convey my thankfulness to one and all.

Note: Friends in each of my buddies life can be anyone for that matter.. 🙂Image